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Trauma and conditioning, had me trapped in a cycle of self-sabotage and low self-confidence. Nothing I did ever felt good enough, I was never enough. I had a constant critic in my head, berating me for not being good enough. It didn't matter that I had a healthy routine, ate the right foods, read the right books, and followed the right mentors. It seemed like nothing I did could convince me that I am enough.

I had survived childhood and adult traumas that had taken others down, including a kidnapping, the loss of a child, and an abusive relationship, so I prided myself on my resilience. Finally, after a month or so of convincing, a mentor talked me into trying a breathwork session. I had no idea what I was in for, thought it would be just another meditation session that left me feeling peaceful but did nothing to help with my inner issues.

I felt horrible after the session but knew that breathwork had the power to help me. Shortly after, I discovered a method of breathwork that uses a trauma-informed approach. I jumped right in and began training with Samantha Skelley of Pause Breathwork. Samantha believes in embodying the practice, so we worked on ourselves as we trained in facilitating breathwork. Over the six months, the layers of past emotions and trauma peeled away. Breathwork was like self-help steroids, I began to feel a lightness that I hadn't felt in many years, a feeling of beautiful peace and calm. The negative little voice in my head was quieting down, I now felt empowered and confident. I found myself losing the need to de-stress with a drink or shopping. I had a newfound sense of well-being.

Everyone deserves to feel this amazing, experience has taught me that most people's health issues actually stem from stress, trauma, and emotion trapped in the body. So I decided to pivot from health and wellness coaching to a focus on somatic approaches like breathwork. Breathwork and other somatic techniques, allow the client to heal and release everything that has been holding them back, get back in touch with the inner wisdom of their body, and rewire the nervous system allowing the integration of lasting healthy habits.

I've trained extensively in health and wellness and live what I call the AGE-LESS Lifestyle. This lifestyle has helped me to lose weight, regain hormonal balance, and eliminate arthritis pain. Now that I've integrated breathwork into my lifestyle, many of the other daily annoyances that I couldn't shake, digestive upsets, random pains, and anxiety have pretty much disappeared or are easily controlled with my breath.

I love to guide others to live an AGE-LESS lifestyle including breathwork so that they can feel an overall sense of well-being, joy, and deep feelings of peace and calm. I offer both group and private breathwork sessions Along with the option for coaching in my signature AGE-LESS LIFESTYLE method.

When I'm not empowering others to heal and transform I enjoy the beach and an abundance of year-round farmer's markets here in sunny San Diego and love to travel.

If you can relate to my story, I'd love to chat with you, learn your story, and see if breathwork would be a good fit for you. Book a complimentary discovery call here.

Client Feedback

Angela Schmidt - Integrative Nutrition Caoch

What a gift these sessions have been. It is always wonderful to try something new, which I find always makes a happy difference for me as I enjoy a variety of experiences, even in self-care.

Kaylin Brennan - Wellness Coach, Reiki Master

I recently had the pleasure of attending a breathwork session and it was phenomenal! I would highly recommend Lynn


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