Ageless Radiance Holistic

Healthy is Beautiful


  • for a healthier, leaner, more energized you?

  • to reclaim the fit body, confidence, and unlimited energy you had in your 20s AND do so in a way to feel true to the mature version of you?

  • to fall in love with your body again?

  • to look and feel your ABSOLUTE best?

  • to live an Age-Less Lifestyle?

  • to clear the confusion and overwhelm, low carb, plant-based, whole-food...which one is best??

Client Results

I am losing weight and getting healthier I found the program really helpful! ...Your positivity and encouragement was great! J.B.

Your class has greatly enhanced my life and my health. I eat in a more wholesome manner, I shop better and I read labels, and I exercise and I eat micro greens daily. Your class is going to help me live a long healthier life. L.A.

My biggest success while working with Lynn as my coach was learning how to be more “present.” her expertise and knowledge are amazing. I was under a lot of stress and it was affecting many parts of my overall health picture. I needed someone to talk to about strategies to deal with the stress and get back on track. It was helpful having someone unbiased to talk to who had only my health goals in mind and learning new stress relieving strategies. A.M.J.

About Lynn

Lynn Gantner is a Board-Certified longevity coach, mom/grandma to six grandchildren, co-founder of Golden Synergy Wellness, and founder of Ageless Radiance Holistic. She helps busy professionals live an ageless lifestyle, feel healthy, energized, and love the way they look while living life to its fullest. With private coaching, the B-Beautiful group program, and her signature AGE-LESS LIFESTYLE method.